Organizational Development & Change

To be effective in any field, you need the right expertise and tools. Nonprofits can use organizational development as one way of achieving this goal by implementing systematic changes that will ensure they have what it takes for success. Our data-driven approach to organizational development helps us identify challenges and create customized solutions, all tailored for your specific needs.

Fundraising & Philanthropy

We offer a variety of fundraising services in partnership with other consultants, but our strength lies in our ability to successfully secure government grants and contracts—one of the most lucrative funding opportunities for nonprofit organizations. We’ve secured millions from local, state, and federal agencies. Are you ready to take the next step in your fundraising plan?

Research & Evaluation

Colton Strawser Consulting is made up of a team of experts who can help you identify and understand the problems your community faces, and which solutions will be best in each circumstance. We develop custom research reports that provide reliable data, accurate insights into root causes, and proven strategies to solve issues and make real change happen.

Leadership Development & Training

Sometimes you don’t need a consultant to do the work for your organization; you just need a coach to show you how it’s done. And sometimes, you need a blend of a coach and a consultant. Not sure where you fall? We can help you build your expertise while lending support with Adaptive Coaching.

Looking To Create Change?

Colton Strawser Consulting empowers organizations to create change through customized solutions to solve complex problems. Schedule a free strategy session to help us learn about your cause and how we can support your mission.

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