Fundraising & Philanthropy

Every nonprofit organization needs a robust and intentional fundraising plan. Whether it’s guiding your organization to develop that plan or applying for impactful grants, Colton Strawser Consulting can help your organization plan for sustainable operations. 

Grantmaking organizations and foundations are our speciality at Colton Strawser Consulting. In addition to managing grant programs, we can provide capacity building support for the nonprofit community you serve. Think of us as your partners in foundation operations.

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Grantmaking & Foundations

Colton Strawser Consulting has worked with a variety of foundations and philanthropy service organizations over the years to provide the most up-to-date guidance on foundation management. Whether you are a community foundation, family foundation, corporate foundation, donor-advised fund, philanthropy service organization, funding coalition, or other groups focused on grantmaking, we can help!

Managing grant programs is a specialty of Colton Strawser Consulting. Our team has many years of grantmaking experience and can assist in designing effective grantmaking initiatives grounded in equity. Having a consulting firm serving as a program officer to either create or manage your grantmaking efforts can be very helpful, especially when your foundation is seeking to provide expert support to nonprofits.

We partner with many foundations to offer capacity-building support to grantees through customized programs and coaching. ​We assist funders with the development of capacity-building initiatives or serve as a consultant to work directly with grantees to address organizational issues while achieving the goals of funders.

Government Grants & Contracting

Colton Strawser Consulting is unique as we specialize in government contracting and significant grants ($500,000+). In fact, we have three federally qualified grant reviewers on our team. Federal applications often take a lot of time and effort, as well as specialized skills, but the awards can infuse millions into communities.

Government grants vary in size, but usually start at $500,000 and can be over multiple years. We assist organizations in designing projects to fit government contracting needs and requirements, write compelling narratives on the identified need, and draft a budget in line with government requirements. Government grants can take over 100 hours to complete, and generally have less than 60 day turnaround from release to submission deadline. Check out our government funding case studies or get started with our Government Grants Readiness Assessment.

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Fund Development

Nonprofit organizations need income to offer their programs and services, but every nonprofit has a unique case for support and different fundraising needs and challenges. There are many ways to raise funds, and we work with organizations to identify the best opportunities– which might include finding ways to increase income or reduce expenses.

We help your organization develop programs that include the direct solicitations of gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations. In addition, we offer your organization a variety of other services in partnership with other vendors including direct mail appeals (design, targeting, mailing), digital campaigns, annual fund program management, major gifts support, planned giving guidance, feasibility studies, capital campaign coaching, and CRM analytics assessments.

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