Leadership Development

Your organization’s internal leadership must be strong in order for your organizations to create impact. We provide a variety of services to develop leadership skills including educational presentations, training, and individual and group coaching.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Nonprofit work can often be challenging, lonely, and emotionally draining – but it can also be rewarding, exciting, and inspiring! We want to ensure that your leaders have the support they need to be successful. We believe coaching and consulting are both essential when working with individuals and organizations. We use a variety of coaching approaches and adaptive consulting when working with you, which includes lending expertise while also assisting an organization, and its board and staff.

Coaching packages are custom-designed to increase organizational capacity, enhance management skills, and assist executives in growing into their roles. Your organization’s investment in the professional development of staff and board members can change your internal culture and create lasting benefits.

Speaking and Training

Dr. Colton Strawser has trained thousands of nonprofits in program evaluation, marketing, board governance, fundraising, grantmaking, and other subjects. In addition to speaking at conferences and other events, Dr. Strawser can provide in-person and virtual workshops, webinars, day-long training, and online courses to meet your specific needs.

Board Development

​The nonprofit sector is one of the few environments where individuals can govern an organization without having the industry regulatory compliance knowledge or leadership experience that they need to be successful. And your organization is only as strong as your board. Our board training helps ensure the board is set up for success by providing tools and resources that support them. We cover the boards’ and individual board member’s roles – including governance and fundraising responsibilities – while providing coaching support as they increase in their leadership capacity.
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