Research & Evaluation

Several of our research and evaluation consultants are both seasoned nonprofit professionals and trained doctoral-level community researchers. We want to see your nonprofits make the most of its resources, so our research and evaluation services ensure your programs are designed to meet a community needs and are properly evaluated to show social impact.

Needs Assessments

Having a strong needs assessment is important when designing programs, requesting funding, and ensuring that programs are truly addressing the root problems of a community need. Our approach to needs assessments includes collecting and analyzing data to identify normative, perceived, expressed, and relative needs to help your organization build a strong case for support grounded in data, on best practices, and from those individuals experiencing the problem.

Program Design & Evaluation

It is important for a nonprofit organization to understand how its programs and services are helping the clients they serve. Whether you are looking to understand the implementation of a program or the impact on those you serve, we can assist in developing a logic model, program implementation plan, evaluation tools, and more! Using various research methodologies, we work with your nonprofits or foundations to gather information on the impact of programs and services through qualitative and quantitative methods.

Customized Research Projects

We can create custom research reports to help you better understand issues within your community. Our ability to develop valid and reliable research can help your foundation or organization discover the root problem and create community change, be a thought leader in your field, and have access to information that can help you make the most of your resources. We have created customized research reports that examine the best practices in nonprofit capacity building, the equity practices of grantmakers, and community data profiles to examine links between poverty and health.
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